PSK Transmitter and Demodulator
Data in

Clock in
Data out

Clock out
The PSK demodulator employs an adaptive equalizer which covers 44 symbols
with T/2 spacing.  The equalizer self initializes utilizing the blind CMA algorithm.  
The maximum symbol rate with this configuration is 10 Msps, but higher
symbol  rates are supported with a shorter span or larger FPGA.

The evaluation board is configured for BPSK operation, but can be adapted to
higher order constellation such as 64 or 256 QAM.

Both the transmitter and receiver support symbol rates continuously from 10
Kbps to 10 Mbps.  Root Raised Cosine filtering is employed in both the
transmitter and the demodulator

Tracking loops and bit rates can be optimized for satellite, cable and custom
point-to-point applications.

Configuration and status monitoring is provided with SDI interface.

Custom Forward Error Correction available.
Three Wire Interface
PSK Modulator
PSK Demodulator