OFDM Modulator and Demodulator
Data in

Clock in
Data out

Clock out
OFDM has the advantages of spectral efficiency and inherent immunity to multipath
interference.  This modulator/demodulator is based on the IEEE802.16-2009 standard for
WirelessMAN-OFDM.  This standard utilizes a 256 FFT with forward error correction
consisting of convolutional encoding and Reed Solomon block coding  The standard
supports burst mode time division multiplexing (TDM) as well as non-burst mode frequency
division multiplexing (FDM)..

The standard supports occupied bandwidth ranging from 1.5 MHz to 28 MHz.  A wide range  
of data rates are supported, depending upon bandwidth, TDM or FDM mode, length of cyclic
prefix, forward error correction mode and modulation mode which
can be BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM or  64QAM

The core logic is designed to interface with a 32 bit processor bus.  In a full system,
compliant with 802.16-2009, the processor implements most of the media access layer.  The
evaluation boards do not contain a processor and provide an inflexible demonstration of
specific modes of the core logic.

This logic is ideally suited to implement a non-standard communication system designed to
meet a specific need which is suitable to an OFDM solution..
OFDM Modulator
OFDM Demodulator